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How to avoid catching a cold or flu this winter

As media hysteria surrounding the emergence of bird flu and emerging viral infections in general rises, check out the advice from a family MD Dr Mark Mengel on how to to avoid the sniffles this winter. Try the flu clinic locator to the left, just enter your zipcode in the box and hit the enter/return key.

And, if you do catch a cold or flu, Dr Mengel has one more tip, don't tough it out at work - Stay home! And, if you're not sure whether Dr Mengel's tips will work, then you could try our experiment on whether covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze stops the spread of germs - coughs and colds science project.

If you think you've caught something nastier than a cold, check out our symptoms of bird flu page, just in case. And, if you're really worried about bird flu then prepare you and your family for the worst with this ebook on bird flu book