Popular Science Discoveries This Year

Happy New Year 2008

No science blog would be fulfilling its annual duties if it didn’t provide an end of year round up of what’s been hot and what’s been not in the past year. So, I activated Alex King’s excellent Popularity Contest plugin (new version out now) to find out what Sciencebase readers have been reading the most on the site over the last 365.256363051 or so days. So, here’s the top ten.

  1. Potato powered mp3 player – a video spoof on lighting a bulb with a lemon battery, don’t try this at home!
  2. How does salt affect the boiling point of water – a perennial question in science class.
  3. Obesity gene – is hereditary to blame for overweight?
  4. The secret of Newton’s laws explained with Lego – If only Newton had been made of plastic. Enjoy the falling apples.
  5. Chemistry News – Regular round up of chemical discoveries
  6. Sniffing out our sense of smell – Olfactory inlet
  7. Christmas rose and hellebrigenin – Christmas chemicals
  8. People caught pubic lice from gorillas – Ewwww, gross!
  9. Egg in a bottle – Yes, air pressure alone is enough to force a hard-boiled egg without its shell into a bottle
  10. Viagra and steroids – Drug testing and elder Congressmen

Not included in this list are archive articles from the legacy version of Sciencebase, which used to go under the name of Elemental Discoveries, you can check out a stack more popular science writing via the archive index page.

All the best for 2008!