A triple A-side meta single

UPDATE: My triple-A-sided single is now an 11-track album with a new name.

Obviously, a good old-fashioned circular slice of polyvinyl chloride, PVC, or just vinyl to audiophiles, is a disc, two sides, A and B, sometimes labelled A and A…but what if you want three sides? Is it possible to have a hyper-disk with an extra groovy surface? In reality, maybe not. In virtuality…


Originally Life, Love and Lonicera was “triple A-side single” featuring a Pseudo Gabriel pastiche “Push the Button”, my feverish asthmatic falsetto in the mock jazz of “Wild Honeysuckle” and the slow build and gospelesque break of “Burning Out” based on a poem by JH Livingstone. Those tracks are all still on my BandCamp and SoundCloud pages.