Cummings and Goings

I have written a letter to our Member of Parliament, asking him to call for the resignation of government advisor Dominic Cummings. Needles to say, our Tory Twat of an MP is supporting Cummings.

This is the approximate text of my letter, with family details redacted.

I am, to say the least, disgusted by the recent debacle concerning the government aide, Mr Dominic Cummings, and his obvious breach not only of lockdown rules, his driving offences, and his breach of the trust of the British people.

Despite the well-crafted defence he presented from Number 10, which was so obviously written by lawyers, he offered nothing to the public to make them feel in any way that their suffering, and there has been considerable suffering, mental, economic, and healthwise for many, was worthy of an apology for his actions.

His actions were inappropriate, presumably illegal, and anything but in the spirit with which most honest citizens have seen the lockdown.

I, personally, am in the moderately vulnerable group, with various health conditions, including asthma, and have endeavoured to avoid all face-to-face contact with anyone but my family within my home. I am self-employed and work from home and in healthy times I maintain my sanity through playing with a band, singing with a choir, travelling to nature reserves, and general socialising. All of these activities are entirely off-limits to me and have been throughout the lockdown. Other people are in a similar situation.

We are muddling through but all, and I especially, feel massively aggrieved by Cummings’ flouting of the rules and the law.

It is obvious to everyone but his supporters that the circumstances that led him to drive such an inordinate distance, allegedly for childcare do not fit with the facts of the case. Was he ill with Covid, was he not? If both he and his wife were ill, the Government’s website states that the whole household should self-isolate. If they were “throwing up” as he so pleasantly put it, then neither of them were in a sufficiently healthy state to drive. If they were fit to drive, then there was no need for them to go to Northumberland at all.

His explanation for the detour to Barnard Castle is the most ludicrous of claims. If one is ill and feels one’s eyesight is failing, the last thing any sensible person does is put the family they were claiming to protect into their car and drive for thirty miles. That is illegal. If he woke that morning and his eyesight was imperfect, he should have stayed put. If it was fine to drive, then there was no need to take the detour at all.

As details emerged, it was apparent, that his mother and wife both had birthdays in the period of the trip and to the innocent bystander, this would suggest that the whole trip was in some way made as a celebration of those two events. It was wholly unnecessary and entirely in breach of all the lockdown rules by which decent citizens have been abiding for many weeks.

We are not happy that this person is still in their advisory position. It is time he resigned and the PM offer a formal and complete apology, preferably accompanied by his own resignation given his obvious gullibility when faced with such claims and excuses.

Thank you for your time in reading this. I hope you will support the views of your constituents in this matter and call for Mr Cummings’ summary resignation in the strongest terms at the earliest opportunity, if you have not done so already.