Natural Highlights of 2020

UPDATE: The news kept getting better and while things are not quite back to normal and never will be, all of those involved are in a much better place than they were at the beginning of October.

It has been a traumatic week an emotional rollercoaster to coin a cliché, you might say. There is a more positive outlook this week than there was this time last week, so I am now doing a little bit of a celebration of life with some of the interesting and intriguing species Mrs Sciencebase and I have seen this year on our rather lockdown-limited excursions.

Short-eared Owl, NT Burwell Fen – January 2020
Pipistrelle Bat day-flying along the edge of in Rampton Spinney, February 2020

Female Goosander on The River Tyne near Ryton, March 2020

Emperor Moth, Cottenham – April 2020
Longhorn Moths, Rampton Spinney – April 2020
Wren, Cottenham – April 2020
Kingfisher, Wilburton – April 2020
Common Frogs, Cottenham – May 2020
Mimulus, Cottenham – May 2020
Figure of Eighty moth, Cottenham – May 2020
Curley, Cley, Norfolk – May 2020
Red Kite, Snettisham – June 2020
Ringlet, Snettisham, Norfolk – June 2020
Brassy Longhorn, Cottenham Lode – June 2020
Corncockle, Cottenham – June 2020
Female Red-footed Falcon, RSPB Fen Drayton – June 2020
Pyramidal Orchid, Les King Wood, Cottenham – June 2020
Sandwich Tern, Hunstanton – July 2020
Fulmar, Hunstanton – July 2020
Spreading Hedge Parsley, Cottenham – July 2020
Silver-washed Fritillary, Hayley Woods, Cambridgeshire – July 2020
Rather blurry shot of a Clouded Yellow at Hayley Woods – August 2020
Bittern, RSPB Ouse Fen – August 2020
Hare, Cottenham Allotments – August 2020
Hobby, Wilburton – August 2020
Dark Crimson Underwing, Cottenham – August 2020
Osprey, Rutland Water – August 2020
Gypsy Moth, Cottenham – August 2020
Little Owl, Les King Wood, Cottenham – August 2020
Clifden Nonpareil, Cottenham – September 2020
Grounded Kestrel, Rampton Spinney – October 2020
First Merveille du Jour of the year - October 2020
First Merveille du Jour of the year – October 2020