Meet me half way

One fan described this song as “the anthem for our lockdown anxieties…a fabulous bit of art”, decide for yourself. Published under the pseudonym of Henning Gintryx.

When you realize that there’s no prize to take away
Got to compromise, you’ve got to meet me halfway

There was a time when I was forgiving
I turned my cheek, my feelings hidden
But, something changed, and I’m just not living
And I don’t know what to say

Well, here they are, my own misgivings
I’ve turned them round and I’m not reliving
Though nothing’s changed I’m all for giving
Now, I know just what to say

So, here I am, am I not forgiven?
I turned it down but you’ve got misgivings
Tell me now, are we barely living?
Did you want to fade away?

There was I time when I stayed hidden
Now, I’ve cleared my head and I’m reliving
I took the blame but I’ll be forgiving
Did you have to turn away?


Words and 雷竞技官网 – 雷竞技官网

Vocals, Fender Telecaster, Ibanez RG
electric guitars, Yamaha bass, and
percussion mix – 雷竞技官网

Drums c/o Klaus Tropp, dubbed after
the main song was recorded with a clicktrack

Recorded and produced by 雷竞技官网