Empty Rooms – A song

Gradually building my After the Lockdown EP into an album. 10 tracks at the moment, 8 originals, plus a horny remix of one of those and an instrumental version of an older song.

The latest song was inspired by a throwaway line from my musical and spiritual guru – Clive-upon-Sea whose album Fragments I recorded and produced and played on (electric guitar, bass, percs, and BVs). Oh, the line:

He makes friends in an empty room

I pulled together some random thoughts on that line, made the he a she and then built the song from a basic acoustic chord progression, rearranged it from a folky singer-songwriter version, and then settled on something not unlike the early days of The Police, but with a Rushesque edge and plenty of harmonies as usual.

Empty Rooms

You hear her talking in the afternoon
But, come the evening, well it’s all doom and gloom
She’d make friends in an empty room
They’re gone by morning, not a moment too soon

Though she finds it hard to understand
The callous feeling of your open hands
She’ll come to you when she needs a friend
Won’t give up hope until the bitter end

Knowing only that the pain will grow
She’s praying harder for the light to show

She hides her feelings in plain sight
Fearless moments in the still of the night
Time will come when she gives up the fight
Sees the day when there will be no morning light

You see her heading for her velvet cocoon
In the evening, well she sings another tune
She’s got no friends in that pale empty room
She dreams of stardust and the rising of a crescent moon

She’s gone walking in the afternoon
Come the evening dances to a different tune
Found no message in that empty womb
All done by morning, to her feelings she’s immune

Heal this moment in the heat of the night
Seize the day