21 today – a few of my LinkedIn contacts

This is one of those draft blog posts that sat in the queue for months, untouched, unfinished, unloved…it was meant to be a round-up of some of the great and the good whom I know on LinkedIn and was to include short descriptions and annotations etc. There were almost 100 in the original list from several hundred more of my contacts on the social networking service.

I don’t even recall how I whittled down the list, it’s possible they’re also people with whom I interact regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ or not, I don’t recall, and a few whom I’ve actually met and know offline. The complete post is simply not going to be written, so this is the bare bones intro, the skeletal form of the post, unformatted – 21 of my favourite people on LinkedIn. That’s it.

  • Kat Arney – Science Information Manager at Cancer Research UK

  • Andreia Azevedo Soares – Journalist at Jornal Publico, Porto Area, Portugal

  • Jennifer Beal – Global Publicity Manager, Wiley-Blackwell, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

  • Colin Blakemore – Professor of Neuroscience, Consultant, Broadcaster and Writer, Oxford, United Kingdom

  • Jo Brodie – Science Information Officer at Diabetes UK and Public Engagement Co-ordinator, CHI+MED, at UCL, London, United Kingdom

  • Stephen Curry – Professor at Imperial College London, United Kingdom

  • Peter Green – Managing Director at AlphaGalileo Foundation Ltd, London, United Kingdom

  • Joerg Heber – Senior Editor at Nature Materials, London, United Kingdom

  • Karen James – Visiting staff scientist at Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, Bangor, Maine Area

  • Tim Jones
    – Freelance Science Communicator and Strategy Consultant, London, United Kingdom

  • Jemima Kellett – Marketing Project Manager at Thomson Reuters, London, United Kingdom

  • Natasha Loder – Midwest Correspondent at The Economist, London, United Kingdom

  • Mun-Keat Looi Online Editor at Wellcome Trust, London, United Kingdom

  • Cameron Neylon – Senior Scientist at Science and Technology Facilities Council, Oxford, United Kingdom

  • César Sánchez – Scientific editor, London, United Kingdom

  • Leila Sattary – Research Facilitator at University of Oxford, United Kingdom

  • Henry Scowcroft
    – News & Multimedia manager at Cancer Research UK, London, United Kingdom
  • Richard Scrase – Online Producer at Understanding Animal Research, Oxford, United Kingdom

  • Jane Sutton – Communications Manager at The Royal Academy of Engineering, United

  • Paolo Viscardi – Deputy Keeper Natural History at Horniman Museum

  • Lou Woodley – Communities Specialist at Nature Publishing Group, Cambridge, United Kingdom