A Good Delusion

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins continues to wow them Stateside with his book The God Delusion. Recently, he appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show to discuss the fundamantal differences between a rational scientific perspective of the universe and the nature of reality and the irrational viewpoint Colbert supports.

Dawkins, with good humour, attempts to argue his corner with Colbert who stubbornly insists that invoking God provides a much simpler explanation of the universe and man’s place in it than a Big Bang and Darwinian evolution. Dawkins points out that, “You get to complex like a human being by slow gradual degrees, and that’s the only ultimate explanation that will work. You can’t just suddenly magical complex things like God into existence,” he adds.

Life is not due to random chance, that’s the one thing it isn’t, because Darwinian natural selection is the exact opposite of random chance, it’s a highly non-random process, Dawkins further explains, “The big thing that everybody misunderstands about Darwinism is that it’s not an accident, it’s too complex to be an accident.”

Author: 雷竞技官网

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