A musical Top 10 that goes up to 11

A friend suggested that after posting my 9 albums in 9 years update, I should put together a “greatest hits”. I suspect they were being ever so slightly facetious, but I took a look at my BandCamp stats covering all the time I’ve been posting songs there and pulled out a Top 10, so here it is:

  1. The Silent Spring – The amazing Emmazen on backing vocals
  2. Push the Button What if Peter Gabriel did a song about cybersex?
  3. Burning the Candle at Both Ends – Too much, too young, too soon?
  4. In Transition – Are the times a changin’?
  5. Bait and Switch (Mono Stone Remix) – Contrarywise
  6. White Line Warrior (Bradley, Schwaegler & Tropp) – Rush’s Tom Sawyer meets the Digital Man heading home from Bangkok
  7. Who is Really Fooling Who? – If James Taylor had been a gambling man
  8. Escape to the Stars – Featuring Eddie Bryant on saxophone
  9. Time to Unwind (It’s Over) – At the end of the day…
  10. Complications – Lo-Fi lockdown woes

Of course, this Top 10 goes up to 11 and a track from earlier musical incarnation on BandCamp looks like it did better in terms of streams and downloads than the No. 10 song on this list by a small margin – Golden Light.