A semantic chemist – fixed

RSC ProspectI recently interviewed Robert Parker, the new Managing Director of RSC Publishing, you can read his interview in the February issue of chemistry news magazine Reactive Reports in which he discusses a new approach to the publication of scientific papers, RSC Prospect, and how it will benefit readers and the scientific community at large. It would be interesting to know what users think to the RSC’s new approach to meta data and a semantic chemical web.

“We needed a meaningful way of identifying compounds uniquely and one that’s machine readable – InChI fits the bill. Similarly, CML offers us a way of structuring lots of the science within a paper to both preserve the original science and do interesting things with it, and by demonstrating some of these applications, we hope to encourage wider adoption,” Parker told me, among other things. Check out the interview for his take on Web 2.0 for chemists, blogs and wikis, and more.

Also, featuring in Issue 62 of Reactive Reports:

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