AI redesigns Rush the band

You can’t have missed the latest AI app – Wombo. It has various incarnations, one of which Wombo Dream (for Android and iOS) lets you type in a few words, choose a style (Mystical, Dark Fantasy, Psychic, Steampunk, Synthwave etc) and create a fantastical landscape or scene. It’s quite bizarre to watch it drawing together an algorithmic “artwork” from whatever scraps of graphical information are contained within the AI.

I tried a few odd, dream-like phrases, some rude words, and my own name to get a feel for what it could do, and then I thought I’d see what it would make of references to the Canadian rock band, Rush.

Rush on Ice
Rush on Ice
2112 – A year on
Taking a slow boat to the East
Closer to the Heart of Cygnus
Grace under Pressure
Seven seas of High
…thought I would be singing, but I’m tired, out of breath
On the wing
Analog kid grows up to be a digital man
High school halls and shopping malls
Winding up the steampunks