Alternative medicine hazard warning sign – !Rx

I just posted an interview with Edzard Ernst in which he discusses his very serious concerns with the widespread, unthinking acceptance of certain forms of alternative medicine. I used a little bit of pseudo-code,  !Rx, which was meant to symbolise the opposite of conventional medicine. If Rx is symbolic of a medical prescription from the Latin verb “recipere” meaning “take thou”, then putting the logical operator, !, in front of it makes it read “NOT Rx”, in other words, “don’t take”. Subtle, huh? Feel free to share and re-use the icon.

alternative medicine-warning

The symbol is not actually an R and an x, of course, it’s meant to be an Italic R with a long tale that crosses a subscript x. This will show up properly here – â„ž – only if your browser’s character set is set the same as mine.