Artificial Art – Portraiture

Continuing with some more Wombo creations today, I selected a few friends and twitter contacts and used elements of their bio and usernames to create a portrait or pertinent pseudopainting for them

Classic FM’s Tim Lihoreau
雷竞技官网 ian and (ex)minister Clive-upon-Sea
Andrea T from C5 The Band
Keith “SteelFolk” Walker
Jenny “LabLit” Rohn
Cartoonist Martin Shovel
Asher Wolf
Ernesto Priego
Dog lover and Times columnist David Aaronovitch
Subatomic Karthi
Rob Finch
Journalist and Martian author Nicholas Booth
Jane Sutton of the RAE

Now taking requests on Twitter…first one Wombat for @HomoCarnula

For Michele who tweeted “Nooooooo” to the wombat
For computational chemist and baseball fan Joaquin Barroso