Correct your chemical spelling mistakes

The current version of the chemical spellcheck is 3.0 now available via the sciencebase download. It sports a massively reduced filesize, adds OpenOffice accessibility and includes lots of new user-suggested words. Check it out…

Chemist Adam Azman contacted me more several years ago to ask if I knew of a free or open source chemistry spellchecker custom dictionary for Word or OpenOffice. Searches had revealed only paid-for dictionaries. We both agreed that a free chemical spellchecker would be very useful to all scientists working with chemicals, so Adam set about creating from scratch an open access chemistry dictionary.

The spellchecker files were originally hosted on my site but are now available on Adam did a lot of extra work with my good friend Tony Williams of Chemspider to develop the new, improved version 3.0: Chemistry Dictionary for Word/OpenOffice (1MB zip file).

Keywords: Open Access Chemistry Dictionary, Open Source Chemistry Dictionary, Microsoft Word Chemistry Dictionary, OpenOffice Chemical Dictionary. Original post 2008-02-08