Big, when I’m on Twitter

I write a lot, it’s been my wont for 30+ years. Everything from astronomy to zoology, with a lot of chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals and much else in between. Then, of course, there are the butterfly and moth photos, the birds, the songs and the tech stuff. As I mentioned recently, I feel like education hoodwinked me into becoming a chemist when my childish self imagined I’d be a marine biologist. My first professional article was about The Great Barrier Reef after Mrs Sciencebase and myself a trip took a trip down under in 1989). I suppose during the last decade or so I’ve tried to reinvent myself as some kind of latterday polymath and not really had a second thought about hiring an aqualung.

Anyway, all that science and stuff…it gets some attention on social media, not as much as it used to, despite my peaking at something like 54,000 followers on Twitter and almost 12,000 page fans on Facebook, but some. Always a surprise then that something entirely off-piste, even for me becomes the most engaged tweet for a while. It was an attempt at a humorous graphical response following a post showing a photo of an adder that resembled the meanderings of the River Thames in London that reminded people of the ident for popular BBC TV soap opera, Eastenders.

Go on, get outta my skin!

With apologies to Eliza Doolittle for the blog title…