Blackbird feasting on the firethorn

When the so-called “Beast from the East” snowy cold-snap hit the UK in March 2018, there were a lot of Fieldfares and Redwings that came in from the cold fields and settled on our garden bushes. Regular readers will perhaps recall I shot some video of one chilly Fieldfare eating the berries from the firethorn bush in our front garden. Admittedly, I shot the video through the double-glazing from the comfort of our living room rather than venturing out into the cold (it would’ve spooked the bird, anyway, and that’s the excuse to which I’m sticking like glue).

Working on my laptop from that same spot, today I watched as one of our resident garden Blackbirds munched its way through a few of those berries. It’s cold outside, but no snow forecast. Here are a few snaps taken from the warmth of the sofa.

There’s not a lot of light out there, the bush is also quite shaded and the camera ISO had to be quite high to get anything out of the lack of photons, so the snaps are quite noisy.