Booyle rocket

UPDATE: They were so obviously (I know hindsight is 20:20) looking for information about the Wes Anderson movie “Bottle Rocket” and simply mistyped…

Bottle rocketWhat on earth’s a “booyle rocket”, I hear you ask! Well, I haven’t a clue. It’s just a search term that a Sciencebase visitor used in our search box.

Intrigued, I Googled the phrase and it turns out to be a Google Whack Blatt to a rather crude dating site. Fortunately, Google also offered the option that perhaps I’d misspelled bottle…so was the visitor searching for “bottle rocket”, perhaps?

If they were then there is a stack of information on that term. 1,590,000 pages in fact in my search including reference to a 1994 (or 1996, two IMDB entries, same movie, different years) Wes Anderson movie of the same name. But, I think visitors to this site are more likely to have been looking for a science project kind of bottle rocket rather than a movie.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a bottle rocket science project to offer but this site does and it looks so quick and simple that I thought it worth mentioning.

So, if you’re totally bored with all the goodies you received yesterday already, then check it out, grab some scissors and a fizzy drinks bottle, and head out to the local recreation ground to show off your favourite “new” toy.