Bristling bristles

UPDATE: 28th November. It’s been a long, hard struggle, but finally after four weeks I have something on my upper lip that you might refer to as a “mo”, it’s unruly, asymmetric and littered with stray blonde hairs… I’m sure if I’d let the hair on my chin grow I’d look like Rip Van Winkel by now, but the tache task, the trivial pursuit of making the upper lip hirsute is the aim of Movember, and while I’m no Lech Walesa there is hair to be seen, so I updated the words to my Movember Blues…see below.

So, in cash-strapped times, I appreciate asking for donations for yet another charity is a big ask, but if you feel my song, tache or photo are not worth a couple of quid to the Movember cause, then perhaps a donation to Movember on behalf of my poor, suffering wife might be. If I have suffered making the mo grow, then she has lost out on nuptial affection for almost 30 days because she has been simply too scared to give me a kiss while the bristles bristled.

The Movember Blues No More

Woke up this morning, four weeks down the line,
Went to the bathroom mirror, to check it one more time

Imagine my surprise, I’m sure gonna grin,
There’s a few hairs growin’ on my lip and a few more on my chin

I got the Movember blues, not feeling very hip.
I got the Movember blues, at last some hair grew on my upper lip

30 days of growing, I’m almost quite hirsute,
Can’t believe we’re at the end of this trivial pursuit

On December 1st, it’s time to donate
This ‘tache will be coming off this scruffy reprobate

‘expect I’ll need some salve for this mo I will not miss
Thankful it’s not Movember my wife will get her Christmas kiss

I had the Movember blues, with hair all growing on my upper lip
I wanna thank you for support and for hands in pocket you’re all gonna dip…duh-dee-durh-dur-dee-daah-durrh-deee-dahh-durrrr, baam, burrrrrhhhh.*

You can donate via my Movember page here. Thanks!

*Standard blues ending…

Author: 雷竞技官网

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.