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CAMBRIDGE, UK – I’ve worked in science communication since 1989. As a child, I originally thought I'd become an astronaut, then it was a marine biologist, then a nuclear physicist. I ended up as a chemist but realised I was better at the report writing part than the rolling up the labcoat sleeves and mucking about with test-tubes. So, having never found a labcoat to fit, I landed a job with the Royal Society of Chemistry as a technical editor distilling researchers' words into a final product. In my spare time, however, I began toedge more towards writing than editing and built up a portfolio with the likes of New Scientist, The Daily Telegraph, Science, Chemistry in Britain, etc. I received a few awards along the way. I am a member of ABSW, RSC, NASW.

There’s a list lol滚球 雷竞技 of the magazines, newspapers, websites, and organisations with whom I've worked over the last three decades covering science, technology, medical news, views, and interviews.

My first solo book, Deceived Wisdom, was published by Elliott & Thompson. I am currently working on ideas for the followup. I also write, record and perform a lot of music and take a lot of photos.