ChemistryViews, Alchemist, espresso

ChemistryViews just launched, so here’s my first link to my stuff on there together with the regular Alchemist round-up and a surprising finding about espresso.

  • Small molecules for fighting cancer – My first short feature article in the all-new ChemistryViews magazine from Wiley covers research into tumor necrosis factor (TNF-alpha)
  • Alchemist news – This week, The Alchemist hears how chemists are helping deal with the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, that mosquitoes could be evolving a way to ignore strong formula insect repellent, and what actually killed legendary racehorse Phar Lap. In electrochemistry, flexible plastic electrodes can be printed and a remedy for stressed out poplar trees may emerge from molecular biology. Finally, a major funding award could pave the way for thermopower devices that bring us powerful, but miniaturized batteries.
  • Chemistry is key to perfect espresso coffee – There are just three steps in the preparation of an espresso, and millions are made every day across the globe, but only chemistry can provide the answers to optimising the process.