Classic Chords #2 – The Beatles Blackbird

We all have songs that stick with us, the ones to which we’re the most attached, emotionally perhaps. “Blackbird” by The Beatles has to be one of those for me. The words are important, of course, but it’s really those chords and specifically the style and that chord at the top as he jumps up in the “dead of night”.


I think we can call it a G-aug, although it’s really only got G and B notes in it, as far as I can tell. Nevertheless, in the context of the ascending progression and subsequent descent across the arc of the melody it seems to fit with that description. I am sure purist music theorists would correct me, but a chord by any other name would sound as sweet (to paraphrase The Bard).

Anyway, I can just about play this song. It’s a perennial favourite when the sun is shining, ironically enough, I’ll grab a cold beer and take my acoustic into the garden to annoy the neighbours…at least I don’t do it in the dead of night. Meanwhile, you can listen to some of my original songs via the Dave Bradley BandCamp page.

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