Cloudy night of autumnal moths

We have recently had some clear, cold, and damp nights and some rainy nights recently. The scientific moth trap has been running, but with very few lepidoptera making an appearance. I have been observing one or two specimens only each morning. That said, four species new to me in a couple of weeks and all added to my butterflies and moths gallery. However, the evening of 25th October 2018 was cloudy and thus a little warmer and while I cannot say that the trap was heaving this morning, there had been a few interesting species in the dark and one or two more present by morning.

Feathered Thorn (Colotois pennaria)
White Point (Mythimna albipuncta)
Green Brindled Crescent (Allophyes oxyacanthae)
Common Marbled Carpet (Dysstroma truncata), dark form
Common Marbled Carpet (Dysstroma truncata), light form
Feathered Thorn (Colotois pennaria)

There were two very different colourations of Common Marbled Carpet (Dysstroma truncata), Green Brindled Crescent (Allophyes oxyacanthae), two differently sized White Point (Mythimna albipuncta), and a rather interesting autumnal flyer, a male Feathered Thorn (Colotois pennaria). Also, not pictured, November agg (Epirrita dilutata), not seen any of the underwings recently, but there was a Lesser Yellow Underwing (Noctua comes), and finally, a Turnip (Agrotis segetum).

In that bottom photo of the Feathered Thorn I had to clone out all the yellow and white dog hairs that were on the carpet to allow the moth to stand out in the photo!