Complications, a viral song

I would never normally discuss dreams, they’re irrelevant. But a couple of nights ago, I dreamed I was with my band, C5, in an airport. All flights were cancelled, our suitcases were empty we were going nowhere. The singer and I wrote some lyrics and I came up with a weird chord progression – Am-Em-Bb7. This song is about that…although it doesn’t use that progression…nor the lyrics from the dream.


I don’t remember the one lyrical line that came up in the dream, it was something incredibly poignant and profound, obvs. But, in the absence of that I came up with some new lyrics hooked on the following phrase,

It's hard not to touch your face, when your head's in your hands

It’s free to download, but given its subject matter, perhaps you’d consider donating to the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund set up by the WHO.


Last night in a dream
I was sitting on an empty suitcase
with the singer from the band

All the ‘planes were grounded
so we wrote a little song.
You won’t want to sing along
You won’t want to sing along

We’re not leaving on a jetplane
We ain’t gonna fly away for too long

Maybe this all seems very simple
But the chords were askew
an A to an E with a flat five or two.

There’s always complication

It sounded like an empty plan
it was only a dream in isolation
Distance is the norm along with desolation

We need to stay connected to stay sane
We need to be in our bands
But, it’s not too hard to touch your face,
to wipe away a tear, when your head’s in your hands
your head’s in your hands
when your head’s in your hands

Your head’s in your hands
Your head’s in your hands
Your head’s in your hands
Your head’s in your hands

Incidentally, The Who, the band, had to cancel their tour because of the coronavirus, I wonder if that’s what my dream was triggered by, that and us having to cancel our fundraiser gig at the end of the month :-(

My montage based on two copyright-free, Creative Commons “CC0” images related to COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus that is taking over the world.



Author: 雷竞技官网

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.