Current science news

A few grabs from the current science news:

  • My interview with Lucy Marcus on funding blue skies research – My interview with Lucy Marcus on why blue skies research should receive continued funding is now online in The Euroscientist magazine
  • Tabloid reporting goes pear-shaped – The newspapers have extrapolated the findings from this research to reach unsupported conclusions that “curves will make you live longer”. Rather, the research has two key findings:<br />
    Firstly, different mechanisms lie behind weight gain in the abdomen and in the thighs.<br />
    Secondly, adults who put on weight in their lower body are less likely to do so in their abdomen.
  • Latest alchemical happenings – The Alchemist gets a taste for chocolate this week with genomics news that could improve cocoa crops but hopes to avoid the sickly waters of Spain where evidence is trickling out that in one region at least cocaine, ecstasy and heroin are to be found in irrigation water. Viagra looks set to save prostate cancer sufferers from a lot of heart ache while "dry water" could help solve the CO2 problem. Laser cooling of molecules also takes us another step towards the quantum computer. Finally, the latest NIH research award could improve understanding of the chemistry of programmed cell death and open up countless new avenues of disease research.
  • IVF pioneer 2010 Nobel prize – Robert G. Edwards is the 2010 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine for development of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure, which has so far led to the birth of around 4 million people.
  • Top ten cracked conjectures in science – There are some bizarre theories out there and for some reason the sciencebase inbox seems to attract the attention of their creators. Here's a list of the top ten of recent times…which I generously refer to as cracked conjectures.
  • Loss of science base will hurt economy – Don't worry folks, contrary to headlines in the British papers, sciencebase ain't going anywhere and will keep you up to date on the latest science news as usual throughout the cuts!