Did James Honeyman-Scott use a Rickenbacker 12-string on Brass in Pocket?

Someone just hit my website with the search phrase

"Did James Honeyman-Scott use a Rickenbacker 12-string on Brass in Pocket?"

Presumably, they hit Number 11 in my Classic Chord series, which was the jangly Aadd2 chord that opens Brass in Pocket. series. Well…I can’t find any photos of Honeyman-Scott playing a Rickie 12-string…but there is a quote from him in an old magazine (obviously) from the time he was working in a guitar shop just before joining The Pretenders:

“All of a sudden the radio’s on and there’s this huge guitar sound coming out, like sending out a big Rickenbacker 12-string or something. And I thought, ‘Ah, my time is here.’ So that’s what happened. And then I hooked up with the Pretenders.”

However, he goes on to explain that the way he got “that” sound was “using an Ibanez Explorer…it was incredible…went through a Marshall. And to get that sound, I was using the Clone Theory pedal made by Electro Harmonix. That’s how I got the sound.”

He also played a Gibson 335 and a Les Paul and occasionally borrowed Chrissie Hynde’s Fender Telecaster for solos. Later in the interview, he talks about multi-tracking his Rickenbacker 12-string, Ovations, Guilds, Yamahas, and other guitars. It was presumably on that track in some shape or form in the overdubs; it sounds like it is!