Digital remaindering

Back in the days before ebooks, we had remaindering and pulp fiction. The former refers to the last hoorah of books that are no longer selling and so are put out to pasture at a massive discount in stack-em-high bookshops and market stalls. The latter being the final destination of remaindered books that still don’t sell, the bodily matter being pulped and used to print low-quality, cheap novels…not naming names, but many you will see packing the shelves of airport departure lounge shops…

In the digital world of mobi, Kindle, ePub and PDF, the concept of remaindering is all but lost…there is no remaindered stock to sell off to clear space for the next wannabe bestseller, there is no requirement for cheap paper pulp…and yet there is still plenty of pulp fiction.

3D Deceived Wisdom ebook cover

So, as a non-fiction author, what is one to do with all those flipped magnetic bits taking up space on one’s hard drive, as it were…well here I introduce the idea of a remaindered ebook. You can get a copy of my first solo foray in book form Deceived Wisdom, which sold rather well from launch (actually) entirely for free (until digital stocks run out) simply by doing one or more of the following things:

Offer runs while digital remainder stocks last.