Earth Hour

Is Earth Hour a great way to raise global awareness of how much energy we are wasting and the possible consequences or our actions? Or, is it simply a cop out so that we can all feel we did "our bit" for the environment without expending any real effort?

With just hours to go for us Brits before we have to switch off the lights, I conducted an ad hoc strawpoll on twitter, here are a few of the early responses.

  • 4KM (Re: more than turning off lights). We’re turning down heat, 100-mile diet today, not driving, planting radishes in organic    
  • wburris Earth Hour is so everyone can pretend they are doing something to save the planet

  • VeronicaMcG Yes Earth Hour could be/do more, but this step to coordinate Int’l grassroots action, awareness & cooperation is worthwhile.


  • tpolytmus I hope people are walking to these EarthHour meetups. (seen on #flickr)

  • sanmccarron Yes we should, but makes a statement to all. Bringing in one at a time.

  • ianwalker@sciencebase Earth Hour just sounds like another event to make people feel they’re doing something without having to change their lifestyles

  • TheTDog@sciencebase i think the idea is raise awareness about saving energy

  • Seema84@sciencebase I agree. If people put their TV’s on and other stuff it doesn’t make any sense

  • dnotice@sciencebase You could switch the colours in your internet browser: I’ve now got black backgrounds & white text…

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