Electrochemical Synthesis of Metal and Semimetal Nanotubes

A rather intriguing paper has just been published by the Cambridge-based publishing wing of the Royal Society of Chemistry and highlighted by the scathing, satiricial crew at The Register (don’t visit that link if easily offended). It’s an outrage says The Register, but they’ve given the team a vulgar acronym award for their abbreviation of “copper nanotubes” and “bismuth nanotubes” nevertheless.

I’ll say no more except that apparently “Philip of Cambridge” tipped off The Register about this paper. Now, I’d like to know is “Philip” an aggrieved ex-member of the RSC’s Cambridge staff or is this another of that organisation’s rather adventurous (and some would say pointless) attempts to get its name mentioned in the media in the context of some spurious chemical happening (remember Carol Vorderman in mauveine dyed Victorian costume, or Superman on the side of buses in Hull?)

Author: 雷竞技官网

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