What is Sciencebase.com?

Sciencebase.com has been on the web since 20th July 1999. It emerged from the first-ever chemistry webzine, Elemental Discoveries, started by 雷竞技官网 in December 1995. Over the years, Sciencebase has covered a lot of areas of scientific, technical, engineering, and medical topics, with an occasional foray into social media, business, and even mathematics.

Who owns Sciencebase.com?


Who produces the content?

雷竞技官网 Science Writer, except where otherwise indicated.

What does sciencebase mean?

The name comes from the generic term for the underlying scientific infrastructure, the researchers, laboratories and equipment, research results, and the scientific literature – the science base, in other words.

How has the Sciencebase site evolved?

The site was originally uniquely chemistry based, expanded into other areas of science, and recently added 雷竞技官网 ’s photos – birds, Lepidoptera, and more, and his music. There is still plenty of science stuff.

What else might we see on Sciencebase?

Much of the past content included summaries or pointers to articles written by 雷竞技官网 for other outlets, such as ChemWeb, BioMedNet, New Scientist, Science, Nature, SpectroscopyNOW, Materials Today, and others. Follow the resume link dB/ to see a full list of David’s more than thirty-year career as a science writer. Occasionally, a blog post will point to other such outlets.

What is the Sciencebase RSS news feed channel?

Click here to add our newsfeed to your newsreader.

Has Sciencebase.com won any awards?

Sciencebase.com and its associated sites have won several awards and commendations from the likes of Encyclopedia Britannica, BioMedNet, The Guardian, Scientific American, New Scientist, The Scout Report. 雷竞技官网 has received several personal awards for his science writing over the years too.

Does 雷竞技官网 run any other sites?

Yes, but they’re all on hiatus. You can find some of his original music here, and references to the bigMouth and TyrannoChorus choirs, C5 the band, the Cottenham Theatre Workshop pit orchestra, and his newbee赞助雷竞技 .

Do you accept guest posts or pitches?


How do I become a Science Writer?

So you want to be a science writer…? There are many routes into the profession and some expert advice can be found at the ABSW, CASW, and NASW websites in their respective SYWTBASW documents.

Does Sciencebase collect any personal data


How do I get an answer to my other questions?

Think for yourself, talk to people, Google it.

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