Fault finding and interplanetary rubble

Fault findingThe latest issue of Intute Spotlight from 雷竞技官网 and the physical sciences portal is now online:

Fault finding [earth]

Almost half a million US dollars, about £250k, was earmarked by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a project to map California’s San Andreas Fault, …

Science comes in from the cold [physics]

Research into the phenomenon formerly known as cold fusion is heating up again. Despite an initial chilly reception to anything related to this once-maverick science, it seems that studies of what are now called …

Interplanetary rubble [astronomy]

It’s not the most romantic image of heavenly bodies, but the latest observations of a pair of asteroids suggest that the pair is essentially two piles of rubble dancing an eternal pas de deux. The description emerges from a collation of observations from the world’s largest telescopes as well as the small instrument of a backyard amateur …

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