Follow me, I’m right behind you

When we were kids, Dad used to have this recurring joke (actually, he still does have lots of recurring jokes), we’d be out walking and as we set off he’s say “Follow me, I’m right behind you”. Obviously, at first glance a purely oxymoronic statement akin to “Hurry up and take your time” or “that’s a definite maybe” or a “blatant innuendo” etc.

I was reminded of the phrase by Toa Fraser who quoted Leonard Cohen on Twitter: “Follow me,” the wise man said/But he walked behind.”

My parents have always been behind me, not leading from the rear as generals do in wars from the safety of their armoured bunkers, but suppportive. My mother’s jokes are more spontaneous than some of my Dad’s, less catchphrase, more spontaneous wit. They laugh a lot. Anyway, with my book “finished” (it’s with the typesetter this week), I thought I’d share with you some acknowledgements, which will be in the print edition:

Thanks to author and radio presenter Tim Lihoreau for helping to get the project started, and to E&T’s Olivia Bays for nurturing my first solo book so gently. Thanks also to John Woodruff for expert editing and for trapping escaped facts and oversights.

Thanks to the various scientific contacts who validated chapters, and to all those sceptics on the web who kindly provide information that corroborates facts in the book and tirelessly overturn the deceived wisdom. Also, thanks to my loyal Facebook and Twitter followers for their enthusiasm, suggestions and pre-orders, and to you for finding your own inner scientist.

Thanks to my children for their initial excitement when they learned that Dad was writing a book without co-authors, and for their amusement at the bald character on the cover, who bears no little resemblance to the author. Thanks too to my parents for supporting my inner geek.

Most of all, thanks to my wife, Tricia, for her patience during the writing and editing process when late nights, early mornings, and nocturnal ‘light bulb moments’ often precluded a good night’s sleep for both of us. I hope you and she think it was all worth it.

Author: 雷竞技官网

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.