Glossy Ibis at Earith Sluice

I’ve mentioned local sightings of an ostensibly African bird before, the Glossy Ibis, they have been spotted at various RSPB sites Ouse Fen, Fen Drayton, Ouse Washes, and elsewhere in the last month or so. I saw a couple of them at Ouse Fen not long after one was first sighted by the warden and others there. There is evidence of perhaps five or maybe seven locally.

Three have now taken to feeding on the edge of the floodplain adjacent to Earith Sluice.

Oh, and there’s a bird that’s usually found in Asia in our locale too, a Dusky Warbler, Phylloscopus fuscatus, seen for the first time in Cambridgeshire in December 2020 at “The Boot” in Aldreth. I took a detour on the way home from snapping the three Glossy Ibis  in Earith to see it, there lots of twitchers, birders, and toggers around, but none had seen it at the time and I didn’t catch sight of it either.