Green coffee beans

The dietary supplement and weight loss spams and scams are endless, aren’t they? I’ve mentioned a few on Sciencebase previously. However, I wrote about a new quality control technology for coffee and since then have started to notice that green coffee beans are percolating through my spam filter more and more. Apparently, they are the latest subject of pseudoscientific health nonsense aimed at the overweight and obese.

I’m not even going to bother debunking this dietary silliness. You know the score, eat and drink too much and avoid exercise and you will put on weight, push it too far and you will end up clinically obese. Herbs, lotions and potions will not help. Stomach stapling or a gastric band might, but that’s quite drastic. The only people who benefit from supposed dietary quick fixes tend to be the marketing people at the top of the pyramid. Lots of us are packing a few more pounds than we ought, shed them by gradually lowering your calorific intake over the course of a few weeks and going for a few more brisk walks rather than jumping in the car or waffling in front of the TV.