Have we found the Higgs yet?

XKCD Higgs tracksOn July 4th this year, CERN will make an announcement based on activity at its multi-billion Euro Large Hadron Collider that will probably take us a step closer to being able to say that we have found the so-called “God Particle”, the Higgs boson that allegedly endows matter with mass.

It will be just another step on the road through the world of particle physics, but will it be just another baby step or a particulate giant leap?

According to Sean Carroll:

The Higgs boson is not the end of a road; it’s a bridge from one world to another. It’s the last particle we need to make the Standard Model complete, but it also gives us a way to travel to what’s beyond, whether that might be dark matter, supersymmetry, extra dimensions, or what have you. Sadly we’re not in possession of a reliable map; we just have to cross the bridge and see where it takes us.

Hunting for Higgses.