Hewlett Packard to Dell again

Sciencebase is not a gadget-fixated site, as regular readers will by now have realized. We leave that to the likes of gizmodo and techcrunch who bring their thousands of subscribers the latest and greatest in carbon-dioxide generating machines and energy-drains as fast as you can say LG chocolate and USB toothbrush. Nevertheless, we are a science and tech site, and we do like to keep up with some of the more techy developments, such as wireless USB and the latest developments in blogging software.

In the spirit of Alex Lifeson’s tourbook instruments page, I was going to provide readers with a list of the gadgets that help keep Sciencebase on its feet, but I changed my mind, there are so few. One thing that I do rely heavily on is a widescreen laptop, although I regret opting for a lower resolution than usual version for the sake of price recently. My previous 17″ widescreen with almost 2000 pixels width was much easier to use than this 15 incher.

Author: 雷竞技官网

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