Hubble Beater, Bottom Up and Explosives

Nebula Lucky

The latest edition of Intute Spotlight is now online. In it I discuss a 300 year old chemical conundrum completed, a ground-based Hubble beater, and IBM’s plans to move from the micro world to the nano, although it won’t mean smaller premises.

Explosive Crystal [Sep 2007 – chemistry,materials]

Three centuries after its discovery by alchemists, the crystal structure of mercury fulminate – an explosive detonation …

Hubble Beater [Sep 2007 – astronomy]

Cambridge and Caltech astronomers have devised a new digital sensor for their telescopes that effectively cancels out the “twinkling” caused by the Earth’s atmosphere and allows them …

Bottom up to nanotech [Sep 2007 – materials,physics]

Two back-to-back papers published by IBM scientists could herald the long-awaited advent of molecular or nanotech computing devices. …

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