Inevitable Sciencebase iPad app

Sciencebase has gone portably iOS. If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch you can now view the site in (hopefully) optimised form, which might nominally be referred to as the Sciencebase App. The app brings you the regular blog updates from our non-identical twin sites: Sciencebase (science) and Sciencetext (Tech) as well as select Twitter updates from science and technology.

Let me know how it looks. Reader Aldo Brinkman pointed out that I hadn’t created a proper iOS “Springboard” icon, it was just showing a screen capture. That has now been remedied and I used our old friend the crown ether logo (which is ghosted above). It’s been the my site’s favicon and logo since its original incarnation as Elemental Discoveries back in 1996.

You can click the screengrab to get a sneak preview without opening your iPad if you’re reading this in a desktop browser.