John Cleese does chemistry

The Case of the Sulphuric Acid plant was an educational short movie from 1976 aimed at schools and has as its narrator, Monty Python cast member John Cleese, who also features in animated form thanks to the late, great Tony Hart (of Vision On, Take Hart fame). The movie clip was posted on Youtube by the Royal Society of Chemistry recently after a long-lost reel was tracked down by Eton College and with the permission of ccopyrihht holder Akzo Nobel with legal lubrication by Wendy Warr, apparently. As the title would suggest it tells the tale of a sulfuric acid plant (current IUPAC spelling has f not ph, by the way).

Yes, sadly, I am old enough to recall seeing this short movie in school some time in the 1970s (I would have still been in junior school when it was first released, so I suspect it was shown in high school in the late 1970s, just for the record).

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