Latest science news with a spectral twist

  • Romantic notes – Cassis base 345B, undecavertol, 1,3-oxathiane oxane, isospirene… Perfume can be so romantic! But the chemical components underpinning the often-enticing and seductive smells of fragrances are, one might say equal parts art and science. One of the most intriguing elements of several fragrances, including popular perfumes like Le monde est beau by Daniela Andrier and DKNY Be Delicious by Maurice Roucel is the fruity top note – blackcurrant.
  • Socioeconomic pollutants – How much socioeconomic factors affect exposure to persistent organic pollutants, especially during vulnerable periods of life such as pregnancy and childhood, is not yet well understood. A new study has investigated the relationship between maternal social class, based on occupation type, and placental concentrations of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) and the combined estrogenic activity of analytes as revealed by a biomarker for exposure.
  • Heavy metal drugs – Metals and metalloid impurities are an increasing focus for pharmaceutical regulators anticipating high standards of QC/QA for pharmaceuticals with regard to efficacy and patient safety. A review by a team at Bristol-Myers Squibb assesses the various techniques available to the industry. The report offers insights into how these various applications can be used and ultimately how they might address concerns about metal toxicity in raw materials, intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients and final drug products.
  • Ancient minerals – The discovery of the oldest mineral in the solar system, krotite, found in an unusual refractory inclusion of the meteorite NWA 1934 from northwest Africa, provides an unprecedented look back into deep time to the first planetary materials formed in our solar system.

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