Lobster cola

There’s a piece in The Graun about somebody finding a lobster with an imprint of a drinks can logo on its claw…very strange…and, of course, the paper makes it an excuse to discuss the growing problem of waste in our oceans; which is fine there is a problem.

But, it also reports that the discoverer of this lobster recognised the logo immediately because she: “drinks as many as 12 cans of the [brown, sugar solution] a day”.

[I’ve changed reference to the product to avoid giving them any extra free publicity, obvs.]

But, WTF? 12 cans? Do people really drink that volume of this flavoured water? Didn’t anyone think to check whether the “discovery” was just a PR stunt? Looks like it to me…

That said, it’s not the logo of that particular drinks brand anyway, is it? It looks like there’s the eye from a dollar bill below the blue band…that’s not part of their logo. If it’s genuine perhaps a piece of printed plastic sheeting with that logo on it got pressed against the animal’s claw and the ink came off. They don’t do “Billy Stampers” for marine crustaceans, do they?