Lost to the Weather #Rock

I was musing on finding a subject for a new song that was more of a short story than my usual stream of consciousness stuff when I saw the phrase “lost to the winter weather” in a random tweet…I’d not really come across that phrase “lost to the weather” but it put me in mind of a Cold War era thriller for some reason.

So, I tinkered with some lyrics and spied an idea for a nano drama about a couple embroiled in some kind of espionage. It was originally going to be a simple 1+1 (vocal+acoustic guitar), but you know me by now, I soldiered on and once I had blocked out a percussion track and used it to keep me in time playing the acoustic and singing the guide vocal, I couldn’t help but add some thumping bass and stitched it all together with a layer of rock guitar. Think of it as a musical #Tinker #Tailor #Soldier #Spy story…just in case you missed the references in this paragraph.

You can download the song on Bandcamp.

Lost to the Weather

Lost to the weather
on a dark and stormy night
I’m searching for you
But you’ve already taken flight

I’m lost in translation
Nothing feels quite right
Your secrets are safe in the shadows
Hidden well out of sight

But, I feel, I feel unprotected
Like you feel, when you’re rejected

The time is now for plans of acceptance
Can’t hold your hand, I feel so helpless
Now I know why. I understand their offensive

I’m lost to the weather, windburnt and colder
Half frozen to death, and another year older
I’d be lost to the weather
If they capture you now…

Coming into the station
On a cold and foggy night
Their agents are waiting
Their fortunes they feel are quite right

But, they’re lost in translation
Into shadows you will take flight
Defective and chasing
Catch up with you, well I just might

Your message comes through
All bridges are crossed
I see you caught in the headlights
As the sniper takes his best shot

You’re lost to the weather, windburnt and colder
Now frozen to death, not another year older
And I’m lost to the weather
As they captured you…

Words and music and all instrumentation “dB”

The photo was snapped during a break in the torrent on a stormy night in Valletta, a city that has probably witnessed at least a little bit of espionage during its history. I then merged it with my stern twitter bio photo and added some text to make it look a bit like a film noir movie poster…there’s an alien version of the poster in the making.


Author: 雷竞技官网

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.