Mental snip

I seem to have something of a reputation for a fertile imagination; don’t know why, although regular readers will know that I cover a lot of ground between my blog and a hard place. Anyway, Diane Richards pointed this out to me following a Facebook post about social networking for sex and about the most inappropriate orifices into which people insert the most inappropriate objects, so maybe I do.

Anyway, it occurred to me that someone with a fertile imagination could be stifled by the mental equivalent of a vasectomy, a mental snip, if you like.

I asked my twitter colleagues to suggest what they thought would be the equivalent of a vasectomy and some interesting responses have started rolling in.

First, was the pragmatic suggestion of tmtn that it would be an “innovation lobotomy” or “creativity-bypass surgery”. Jean-Charles Dordain lamented the current education system and equated a mental vasectomy to being “forced to sit down in a classroom and forced to think one way and only one way.”

Dennis D McDonald took it to a higher level with the notion of “Cutting off all Federal funding for public broadcasting” while zevans23 took a contrary view that “watching too much TV” would be the equivalent. Neil Withers threatened to bring the growing meme to a close by offering: “Joining Twitter”, but luckily Damien Ryan chipped in with “a BSc in Computer Science” being the closest thing to the mental snip. Liz Scherer suggested a good old-fashioned lobotomy and Joe Garde asked whether a biomedical solution was appropriate in terms of “the inability to produce serotonin”.

Anyway, that’s all the ideas that have come in at the time of writing, so I ask again:

What would be the mental equivalent of a vasectomy for someone with a fertile imagination?

Author: 雷竞技官网

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