More and more moths

I am gradually adding moth species to my lepidoptera gallery on Imaging Storm. There are some 2600 different species in the UK alone (160000 worldwide). I’ve photographed and released about 50 so far since enlisting the help of a light trap.

As of 21 Sep 2018, less than two months in, I had doubled that number.

Still hoping for more Hawk-moths (only seen a Poplar and an Elephant in Cottenham so far, and a pair of Privet last year). The Jersey Tiger is the most unusual and unlikely, I’ve seen, although it never entered the trap just hung around in the dark and ultimately rested on the outside of the box. There is some hint that this native of the Channel Islands has spread north but some enthusiasts are propagating them in more far-flung places; they shouldn’t be doing that.

The slowly increasing list of species I have photographed and identified can be found at the foot of my Lepidoptera – Moths and Butterflies page on Imaging Storm. I reached 100+ species in my first two months of mothing. A year after I started I had logged more than 250 species, still just about 10 percent of all the species native to the British Isles!