Moth of the Moment – Large Thorn, Ennomos autumnaria

Large Thorn, Ennomos autumnaria, attracted to the UV lamp of the scientific trap, night of 16th September, didn’t get a chance to enter the trap before I potted it to photograph this NFM*.

Large Thorn

The species, like the other geometers we know as Thorns looks like an autumnal leaf, and occasionally quivers when roosting as if to follow the breeze. It’s a relatively large moth, but the “Thorn” of its vernacular name refers to a spike on the larva and is nothing to do with the adult being at all prickly.

A rather worn Orange Sallow

Also around the trap at the same time a worn Orange Sallow (worn, but NFM*) and a Centre-barred Sallow, both very autumnal in appearance.

*NFM = New for me