Espresso Portobello

UPDATE: Mrs Sciencebase in action with the minipresso

Sciencebase has had various gadgets to review over the years most of them computing peripherals and related technology. Today, a minipresso from Wacaco Ltd arrived special delivery. As the name would suggest it’s a mini/portable espresso maker. Basically, a container with the requisite metal filter and a push-button pump to build up a head of steam to force hot water through the filter loaded with coffee granules into a receptacle.

All looks very easy to use, although I persuaded Mrs Sciencebase to find the instructions online and she followed through with the Youtube demo. Seems like an ideal device for camping where a full-blown expresso machine might be a little over the top, but where you can usually boil water on your camping stove and bring with you your favour coffee granules.

The claim is to a nice 70-millilitre espresso with a decent crema (the syrupy froth so beloved of many espresso drinkers. Camping season is at an end for us for 2019, but this would definitely be required kit in our big camping box for any future trips.

Once I’ve made myself one, I’ll update the blog with a report on the taste test…

Author: 雷竞技官网

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