Pro vaccination campaign – Mumps

There is a lot of #BS talked about the harm vaccines might cause, most of it unproven scaremongering by patient advocates, lawyers, quacks and tabloid journalists. There is almost a religion growing out of the antivax campaign that seems to walk hand-in-hand with conspiracy theory nonsense and the gibberish peddled by those who think governments shouldn’t advise us on what to do when it comes to health, even if it could save lives. Here are a few answers to the antivax brigade.


Boy with mumps – – Mumps is rarely lethal but can cause orchitis in adolescent and adult males with a risk of infertility, miscarriage in pregnant women in first trimester (27%), mild meningitis (10% of cases), inflammation of the ovaries in adolescent and adult females with subsequent fertility issues, pancreatitis, encephalitis, deafness. (Yes, I know the boy in the photo isn’t an adolescent).

Author: 雷竞技官网

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