RSPB Snettisham and beach

Thursday, 25th June…I believe it was the hottest day of the year, so far. So, as lockdown eased somewhat and we are allowed to cautiously travel away from our homes, we headed for the beach. Not Bournemouth nor Lulworth Cove…North Norfolk and specifically Snettisham. We saw barely another soul other than an RSPB Warden who was reminding people not to walk on the areas of the beach and shoreline where birds are nesting.

Cock Linnet

We also saw a handful of other birders and a dogwalker or two and nodded to each from at least 20 metres rather than the requisite two. The virus hasn’t gone away, governments and people visiting Bournemouth think it has…but…no.

Anyway, as we pulled into the car park there was a Sparrowhawk hauling itself into the air with a female Blackbird in its talons (sorry, no picture), and as we parked up, a Red Kit with a missing wing feather circling above.

Red Kite

Peregrine Falcon circling above the shoreline scaring the Oystercatchers with their nests and chicks on the lower ranks of the sloping sea defences as the high tide retreated.

Juvenile Oystercatcher vulnerable to predation at the water’s edge when a Peregrine is about, I suspect.
Alarmed parent Oystercatcher, possibly scared of us walking past, but more likely the Peregrine circling above
Peregrine Falcon, possible cause of the Oystercatchers’ alarm rather than us walking past
Safe and sound, the danger’s passed

Lovely Turtle Dove turring from a tree on the fishing lakes back inland. Also seen Ringed Plovers, Pied Wagtails, and Black-headed Gulls, all with chicks, Sedge Warbler. On the Lepidopteral front Ringlet, Whites, Meadow Brown (far fewer than Cottenham) butterflies, Cinnabar moth.

Black-headed Gull and chick
One of a pair of Egyptian geese hanging out with the mucky ducks
The Cinnabar

There were also huge numbers of ladybirds that seemed to be swarming in from across The Wash, an irruption perhaps?

Ladybirds mating on mullein
One of a couple of Ringed Plover with nests on the hot shingly sand
Solitary Turtle Dove, have previously sighted half a dozen in this area in summer.
Half a pair of Egyptian geese hanging out with the mucky ducks
Greylag Goslings
Northern Marsh Orchid
Wild Labrador chilling in her pup tent

Author: 雷竞技官网

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