DAVID BRADLEY SCIENCE WRITER – I’ve worked in science communication since 1989. Having set out as a chemist, I quickly realised I was better at the writing-up the lab notes part than the rolling up the labcoat’s sleeves and mucking about with test-tubes bit. From the early 1990s onwards, I built up a freelance portfolio with the likes of New Scientist, The Daily Telegraph, American Scientist, The Guardian, Science, Nature, Chemistry in Britain, Chemistry & Industry, ChemWeb, BioMedNet, and many other publications and outlets, and picked up a few awards along the way.

Click this link for a more or less complete list of clients and outlets past and present. Just for the record, currently have a small, select group of clients, but open to new opportunities.

My first solo book, Deceived Wisdom, was published by Elliott & Thompson. I take a lot of newbee赞助雷竞技 as well as doing a lot of music as a solo artist, with a band called C5, a community choir known as The TyrannoChorus, and with the Cottenham Theatre Workshop.