Tea and crumpets and prostate cancer risk

Earlier this week I criticised the endless studies reporting that tea, sex, coffee can raise and/or lower prostate cancer risk. Well, NHS Choices has waded in with its usual balanced assessment of the work and come to a sensible conclusion:

Men who are tea drinkers should not be alarmed by the results of this study as it has many limitations that cast doubt on the reliability of the findings. However, men should remain alert to the signs and symptoms of prostate and other forms of cancer, regardless of their tea habits.

via 'Tea raises prostate cancer risk' – Health News – NHS Choices.

The site points out that it might just be that men who drink more tea tend to be healthier in other ways and so live longer. Longevity is definitely a risk factor for prostate cancer, certainly you cannot get the disease in your 60s if you died of a heart attack in your 50s…to put it bluntly.